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Physical Medicine Center is currently accepting new patients at this time. Physical Medicine Center serves the Tampa community in Florida. Contact Us today and STOP your chronic pain.
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Non Surgical Spinal Decompression for Chronic Low Back & Neck Pain.

Welcome to Physical Medicine Center, Inc. We strive to provide a unique combination of services for comprehensive non-surgical pain relief. Just what does that mean? We use an integrated approach. An integrated approach is one that uses a multitude of different doctors and treatments with varied backgrounds of training all working together.

Our unique approach is credited to our multi-specialty staff of medical practitioners, chiropractors, and rehab therapy professionals.

We Offer DOT Physicals

Our Pain Relieving Treatments

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non surgical spinal decompression for chronic low back & Neck pain
Chronic Low Back and or Neck Pain?

Physical Medicine Center, Inc crafts an individual, comprehensive treatment plan for each of our patients. Our thought is -- No two bodies are the same so why should treatments be the same? That is the type of patient care we believe in. Want to learn more about our doctor?

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